Bromsgrove Sporting FC Articles of Association

TomFellow Rouslers,

Please find a very important update in relation to ongoing discussions around the clubs attempts to change the club's constitution which the BSSS believes is detrimental to the founding ethos of club and seeks to weaken the BSSS position as a major shareholder with a near 45 % holding.

Given that club has voted to take the proposal forward at either an EGM or AGM, the BSSS board now feels it has duty to inform members.

We do not oppose change for the sake of it but we do oppose a proposal that reduces BSSS voting rights to 10% when you as members/supporters have helped us buy close to a 45% shareholding in the club.

We do not want Rovers to happen again and to quote a former BSSS Secretary from 2009 when the society was first set up we are " a fair and democratic body representing supporters of Bromsgrove Rovers, with the ultimate objective not just of having a voice in the club but also possibly running it"  (page 181 the Victoria Ground Story)

That was not possible with the Rovers and the BRSSS became the BSSS with three directors on the board and a near 45 % shareholding. What we were unable to do with the Rovers we will not give up, the hard-fought gains we have made with the Sporting. We owe that at least to our members, fans and former BSSS directors/board members whose legacy was to ensure we had this level of representation and influence within our club.

Any feedback would be great so please e mail Jason Sola BSSS Chairman and one of us will get back to you.

Looking forward to the day when we can watch football again
On behalf of the BSSS board.
Victor Aguera
BSSS Secretary