BSSS Withdraw From Club Board

Following the statement released on the 8th March from the Board of Bromsgrove Sporting Limited in relation to the Club’s Articles of Association, the Bromsgrove Sporting Supporters Society (BSSS) Board has decided to temporarily withdraw our remaining representatives from the club board as of 9th March 2022.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly as the BSSS has had representatives sitting on the club board for over 10 years, but we feel we are increasingly marginalised at club board level, and are no longer actively involved, or consulted in the important decisions required to run the football club.

Notably, the BSSS was given no prior visibility of the statement released by the club on 8th March in relation to The Articles of Association, and it was not discussed with or approved by the BSSS Representative sitting on the club board.

The Society also have concerns over decisions that have been made at club board level which relate to the running of the football club which have not been communicated to all directors and therefore made without their knowledge.

It should be noted that, despite withdrawing our representation from the club board, we wish to continue to work with the remaining board members to fully represent our members, resolve the issues within the Articles of Association, and ensure the club is successful moving forwards. 

The Society plan to hold a forum with members to discuss the Articles of Association in the near future and will advise the date of this in due course.